Meditation Essential Oil Blend
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Meditation Essential Oil Blend

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 An intuitive blend of essential oils created to take you on a journey of relaxation, calm and bliss.

Meditation Exercise:

  • Add 3 - 5 drops to your diffuser, and bath yourself in the sacred aromatic scent.
  • Sit or lay comfortably. Take several deep breaths - inhale light, exhale heaviness.
  • Surrender any thoughts to the Universe. LET IT ALL GO.
  • Now feel your entire body 'sinking' into itself. Focus on your core and feel all the heaviness leave your body. Your energy fields now have the freedom to expand.
  • In this place of expansion, you are safe & free to ask for guidance, healing & love as you are connected to the divine within you and all around you.
  • Remember, this space is ALWAYS available to you.


     An incredibly soothing & relaxing blend of 3 essential oils: Clary Sage, Lavendin and Vetiver.

    Bottle Size: 10 mL

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