Meditation Mist Aromatherapy
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Meditation Mist Aromatherapy

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 An intuitive blend of essential oils and lavender hydrosol, infused with aventurine crystals.

Use this aventurine infused meditation mist when you want to wind down, hold quiet space & experience a calm tranquil energy field. Excellent to use before bed, to call in rejuventaing energy after experiencing distress or to feel the bliss of inner peace as you into present moment awareness.

Directions for Use:

Spray around your body / aura or throughout your room or space.

Meditation Exercise:

  • Spray around your body / aura or throughout your room or space.
  • Sit or lay comfortably. Take several deep breaths - inhale light, exhale heaviness.
  • Surrender any thoughts to the Universe. LET IT ALL GO.
  • Now feel your entire body 'sinking' into itself. Focus on your core and feel all the heaviness leave your body. Your energy fields now have the freedom to expand.
  • In this place of expansion, you are safe & free to ask for guidance, healing & love as you are connected to the divine within you and all around you.
  • Remember, this space is ALWAYS available to you.


     An incredibly soothing & relaxing blend of 3 essential oils: Clary Sage, Lavendin and Vetiver, together with Lavender Hydrosol and infused with Aventurine crystals.

    Bottle Size: 60 mL

    Sacred Bottling Process:

    Kerry Lee Weiland bottles all of her essential oils and aromatherapy products in sacred ceremony. Her workspace is more of an alchemic lab, where each step of the process is ceremonial. From connecting with the essence of the plant medicine, the clearing ceremony, the gratitude ceremony, the pouring, the sacred geometry structuring - through to the final process of integrating sacred intentions, the energy & power that is infused within these products is pure, clean & divine.

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