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Deb Trochim

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Rev. Deb Trochim - Energy Practitioner, Ceremonial Celebrant

Deb is a compassionate Holistic practitioner focusing her practice on Women’s Wellness & Ceremonial Practices.

The tools Deb uses during her energy treatments are: Emotional Freedom Technique, Cranio~Sacral Therapy and Access Bars Techniques. Using these tools/techniques, Deb has found that they enhance relaxation, reduce stress, and rebalance the Mind Body Spirit, which are the main goals of each session. Your ”Wise Self” knows what you need to restore balance. It is this voice Deb listens to in order to create a plan, together with you, to get you to your health target.

As a Certified Life-Cycle and Wedding Celebrant, Deb assists people to mark the transitions in their life through ceremonies. Ceremonies give meaning & purpose to our lives, especially through life-cycle transitions such as moving or losing a loved one.
Each ceremony is personalized & heart center created with you through interviews, research and numerous consultations. During the ceremony, you will feel fully supported and nurtured as Deb facilitates your sacred day, and creates an experience that is deeply meaningful and often nothing short of transformative.

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