Activate Essential Oil - All Chakras - Alchemy Quintessence
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Activate Essential Oil - All Chakras - Alchemy Quintessence

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 An intuitive blend of essential oils created to take you on a journey of light body activation.

Activation Exercise:

  • Add 3 - 5 drops to your diffuser, and bath yourself in the sacred aromatic scent.
  • Sit or lay comfortably. Take several deep breaths - inhale light, exhale heaviness.
  • Visualize roots of energy exiting your feet and anchoring into the core of our great Mother Earth.
  • Now feel the energy of the Earth returning up those roots, and 6"- 18" below your feet, see the energy activating your earth star chakra.
  • As this chakra lights up, visualize the energy continuing up the roots and up through your feet.
  • As this energy moves up your body, it activates each of your 7 main chakras; from root through to crown. Visualize each energy center lighting up.
  • As this energy exits up and through your crown chakra, visualize it flowing into and activating your soul star chakra, 12" - 24" above your head.
  • As this energy exits the soul star chakra and continues upward, visualize this stream of energy connecting to the galactic sun, Father Sky.
  • You are now Activated. As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. You are lit up like a white bridge of light.
  • Now shift your focus into your heartspace & visualize pink & gold light pulsating from this space with every heart beat.
  • Your higher heart is now activated & you hold a direct connection to your higher self & soul self.
  • This is a space of creation, healing & unconditional love that can be accessed anytime, anyplace, all-ways. 


     An incredibly energetic & powerful blend of 5 essential oils: Frankincense, Balsam Peru, Clary Sage, Sweet Orange and Ylang Ylang Extra.

    Bottle Size: 5 mL


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