If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.



The Becoming Program provides an opportunity to build solid foundations from which to learn, heal & grow from. It is a training or initiation of sorts to begin the deep work of exploring your inner universe & co-creating your life experience. The dictionary defines becoming as: the process of coming to be or of passing into a state. In other words, when we are becoming, we are passing into a state of BEING.

Even if you already have a routine self-care practice, the insight, tools and techniques in this 8 week program offers a refreshing reminder to some of the fundamental concepts of living in awareness. Participating in this program confirms that you are willing to do the work to dive deeper. As our environments (both inner and outer) are constantly shifting, so to does our perspectives, our belief systems and our truths. These shifts offer opportunity to see, hear and experience things in new ways, including some of the fundamental concepts that we will be covering in this program. 

The Vibe Tribe community app launches in a few short months, and to prepare you for the best experience possible within the community, we want to provide you with a workable mini program that guides you into that state of being, so that when you do the work in the Tribe, you've got some solid foundations from which to build.

Each week we will explore a foundational topic, complete with guidance, insight, techniques & tools that you can download and use  throughout the week to support the work in each module. All the information and materials provided over the course of the program are yours to keep, for as long as you like.

Scroll through the tabs at the top for an overview of the program modules, or watch this short video, where I share the fundamental concepts that we will explore during the program.

Registration for this free program is only available until July 19th, so sign up now and start your journey inwards.


We are building an online community of like-minds that are ready to shift & make positive changes in our lives. In Vibe Tribe, we create a spiritual based lifestyle by:

  • Becoming empowered through our experiences.
  • Expressing our authenticity with confidence & grace.
  • Embracing every piece of ourself...both the light & the shadow. 
  • Learning how to navigate our inner universe.
  • Connecting with like-minds both online & at Vibe Tribe events.

Our online community will be offered through a dedicated app that will be available for iOs and android devices in App & Google Play Store. This keeps us away from the noise & control of social media, and gives us the freedom to build our community in a way that best serves the Tribe.

App launching fall of 2019.