Nikki Pearson

Nikki Pearson

Nikki Pearson, BSc (Psychology); P.G.C.E; MSc. (Educational Psychology); Reiki Master  

After spending over 20 years supporting children and families in the United Kingdom as a Specialist Senior Psychologist and classroom teacher, I have brought my skills and talents to the Foothills of Alberta.  Since moving to Alberta in late 2014, I have trained in Equine Assisted Personal and Corporate Development through EAL Canada, and combine this with my training in Psychology to offer a range of services. A Reiki Master since 2010, I offer Reiki and Vibrational Healing sessions, as well as combinations of Psychology, breath work, energy healing and trancework.

I am on a mission to help people find their voice and their authentic self, through development sessions, for individuals, couples, families, groups, businesses and teams. 

Healing Hearts & Changing Futures!



Welcome, and congratulations on taking a positive step on your path to renewal! My associate, Jody Martens, and I look forward to meeting with you to discover how we can be of service to you on your journey.

My company, Guiding Spirit Learning Solutions, offers services to help you manage and reduce pain, stress and anxiety, and improve mental and emotional health. A number of modalities are offered jointly with my associate, Jody Martens. By harmonising the mind, body and spirit, we can help you feel more positive, bringing you a sense of peace, balance and well-being. Schedule a Discovery Session today, and let us help you to understand where you are, to find and follow your dreams and the roadmap for your life.

Not sure what session to book? We offer complimentary 30 minute Discover Sessions to discuss what treatment options best suit you at this time.!

Personal Development Coaching

 Draws from psychological theory in a holistic integrative approach to help you overcome self-limiting beliefs, find new perspectives, and make effective life choices.

Vibrational Healing

to help relieve your mental, emotional and physical stress by using sound from tuning forks and singing bowls to restore balance in your body’s electromagnetic field.


the removal of blockages to your healthy energy flow, to restore and support your body’s ability to heal itself.

-----Hands-on Healing
-----Chakra Balancing

Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic Journeying, which uses Ecstatic Trance, has been employed by shamans and healers for centuries. It is also a tool used by modern psychiatrists, psychologists and psychoanalysts in clinical practice. It is a powerful avenue for bringing about healthy change in the ways you experience the world – change that helps you overcome emotional, behavioural and even physical problems.

The induction rituals involve specific body posture, music and drumming, and other sensory components, and can lead to a higher level of spiritual maturity. It goes beyond treating a specific problem that is limiting your function. It further helps you discover the broader horizon of different cultures beyond the small, defined community of your experience, as well as the interdependence and connectedness of all life. It opens a door to your being a Universal Citizen and steward of the Earth. Or, as indigenous people say when communing with our guides, ancestors and fellow creatures – “All my relations!”

This is done in partnership with shamanic work by Jody Martens 

What is Trance?

It is a less critical, more focused, altered state of consciousness. It is a way of getting around the incessant thoughts of the conscious mind that interfere with seeing beyond ‘rational’ thinking. It takes you into the extra-sensory world, and beyond – into what has been called the Collective Unconscious, the Universal Mind, the Akashic Field, the Divine Matrix. It connects to your ‘automatic stories’ that come from the deep self, that you may not have accessed or been able to put into words, and to the solutions to the problems that arise from these stories. Trance can be used to uncover and treat life trauma, past and present, to explore previous lives, to seek and meet spirit guides and power animals, and to provide direction for becoming self-actualised.

Soul Retrieval/Past Life Exploration

Throughout your existence, you have had experiences that have resulted in unconscious thought patterns. Those that are negative result in compulsive repetitive thoughts, and other emotional and physical problems.

Soul retrieval uses ecstatic trance to identify when, where, why, how and who caused you to take on dysfunctional thinking – when you ‘lost’ a fragment of your whole, healthy self, that you didn’t even realise was missing. As you travel into your unconscious mind, into your past, you uncover those experiences. Using trance imagery, it is possible to then reframe beliefs. This can bring about the death of negative thought-forms, and the rebirth of innocence. Healthy thinking can become automatic and unconscious, as was unhealthy thinking.

So – soul retrieval is the death of the old self-limiting patterns and the birth of the self you were intended to be. Take this journey of renewal; you have only yourself to regain.

This is done in partnership with shamanic work by Jody Martens.

Journey Plus Energy Healing

Specialised for you after your discovery session discussion, this unique session utilises a number of modalities: breathwork, blessing, Reiki, Chakra balancing and Biofield Tuning, and trance work for past life exploration, meeting your spirit guides and animals, or uncovering trauma and blockages from your past.

This is done in partnership with shamanic work by Jody Martens. 

Psycho-Energetic Healing

Combines traditional talk and energy healing to provide a highly effective treatment which supports your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health and balance. It can assist you in breaking your stress cycle, and replacing unhealthy self-limiting beliefs with healthier thought patterns. Psycho-Energetic healing can also be used to uncover and treat life trauma, past and present.
This is done in partnership with shamanic work by Jody Martens.

Meet Your Spirit Guides/Power Animal

Take a Shamanic Journey to meet your spirit or animal guides.

This is done in partnership with shamanic work by Jody Martens.


“I will never be the same again in the most wonderful way possible. Those skills were invaluable to me.”


Okotoks, AB

"I would not be where I am today without Nikki’s support and strength. I would recommend her to anyone who has had a life crisis, has had a tragedy in their life, or anyone who merely needs to build their confidence."


Calgary, AB

"I would HIGHLY recommend everyone to go and see her for healing! Do not hesitate, go see her for yourself you will not be disappointed, I guarantee it."


HIgh River, AB

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