january 2019 crystal energy

Did you know that in addition to the healing makeup that crystals carry, they are very helpful in guiding us too! Crystal vibrations can communicate deep wisdom and insight to help light up the path we are living and guide us towards our highest serving purpose. Each month we will be featuring a 'Crystal Guide" and a "Crystal Healer" that we have been divinely guided to share with you as they will weave collaboratively with the prevalent collective energy within the Universe collectively, and therefore within us. Think of these as monthly supports, as you will find that they will resonate with much of the things that you are experiencing, cycling through and healing that month.

Use the crystal guide to take you where you need to go, and the crystal healer to assist in performing the required inner work. Together, these crystals will work as a powerhouse of balance between the polarities of that which is required in the moment.

CACOXENITE - Crystal Guide

Cacoxenite is known as the stone of ascension as it heightens spiritual awareness. Used in meditation, the vibrations of this stone can take you to core soul memories that require healing or integration before present day spiritual evolution can occur. It is helpful for overcoming fear and clearing stress, harmonizing the personal will with the Higher Self and accentuating the positive in all that you do. If apparently insurmountable problems confront you, Cacoxenite creates a peaceful space to withdraw into, encouraging you to see events in a positive light.

BLACK OBSIDIAN - Crystal Healer

Black Obsidian points out how to ameliorate all destructive & dis-empowering conditions, impelling us to grow, and lends solid support while doing so. It's truth enhancing, reflective qualities are merciless in exposing the things that are unserving - thoughts, emotions, people, places and things. Obsidian provides deep soul healing & assists to heal festering emotions or trauma that has carried forward into the present. Obsidian is also a strongly protective stone, forming a shield against negativity & provides a grounding chord from the base of the chakra to the center of our Great Gaia.

CACOXENITE & BLACK OBSIDIAN GRID - soul guidance + energy blueprint re-alignment