Discovering Intuition w/Laurene Palmiere & Kerry Lee Weiland
Laurene Palmiere & Kerry Lee Weiland

Discovering Intuition w/Laurene Palmiere & Kerry Lee Weiland

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4 x Sundays, 10:00am-11:30am - January 20 | January 27 | February 3 | February 10

Space is limited to 10 participants.


Our intuition is our internal guidance system. It is like our own personal GPS that helps guide us through the cycles of life. When we practice using our intuition, we are giving that muscle a work out, and over time, it will develop strength and endurance, providing clear guidance on our life's journey.
If you are ready to discover your own unique gifts & abilities, how to communicate with your higher self, soul self and the divine energy of Creator, while in a fun and interactive environment, then you don't want to miss this workshop!
Week 1 - Introduction to Intuition and our Personal Energy System
At the core of our being, we are energy, and the truth is, everything is energy. EVERYTHING both seen and unseen. Our thoughts, our actions, our emotions, our bodies (physical and non physical) and our intuition. This energy carries a vibration, and that vibration is what makes us unique.
In this first week, we take a journey inward and begin to create an understanding of how to navigate through our personal energy system (chakra's & energy bodies) as we connect and communicate with our soul self, higher self and spirit.
We also learn some grounding, clearing and activating techniques and practices to gain clarity, trust and stability in our physical bodies as we begin to open up to our energy bodies.
Week 2 - Ego vs. Soul, Higher Self & Spirit

When we are listening for the voice of intuition, it can be hard to determine “which voice” is speaking.  

In week two, we will do some exercises to help with discernment of ego vs. soul. When ego voice arises - Acknowledge, Accept and Allow the ego voice to move through you. We create tools and practices to quiet the ego mind, and allow our intuition to be in the drivers seat. We begin to recognize that there is no "right" or "wrong" in our beliefs, only our own TRUTHS.

This week, we also start working with oracle cards as a development & divination tool to receive messages for ourselves and others from spirit.

Week 3 - Working with Pendulums & Body Cues
When we open up to our intuition, and begin to build a relationship with our connection to spirit, we can begin to develop a keen sense of what feels right and what feels not so right, just by tuning into our body. Pendulums can assist us in developing this sense, and as well, provide guidance as another divination tool we can add to our kit of intuitive development tools.
In week three, you will receive a pendulum and customizeable chart to work with. We will learn how to clear, program and chart our pendulums, as well, we will have practice exercises for ourselves and with partners.
Week 4 - Bringing It All Home
Now that we have openend up to spirit and have built a trusting relationship with our intuition, we need to understand how to navigate through the messages that arrive and the healing that these messages carry for ourselves and others. 
In addition, we begin to become more aware of what belongs to us and what doesn't. In this last week, we will provide some additional tools and resources for fine tuning our communication, returning to breath and protecting our energy - one of the most important tools of energy work.
We will also be providing additional card reading spreads for meditation and contemplation of our healing journey and work with each other to connect, feel and share what arises when tap into another's energy field.
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