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Everything Is Energy Series Guidance Manifestation

We all have the capacity and the ability to live our biggest dreams & our deepest desires. But often times, we hold the belief that we need more than we have in the present moment to do this. There is a misconception that we need more money, more credentials, more experience or more time to get started. The truth is, all you need is YOU. YOU are a co-creator and YOU hold the power to manifest that which you truly desire into your life experience.

5 Minute Exercise
Envision yourself living your dreams...where are you living - what does it look like, smell like, feel like? where are you working - who is with you? what do you do for fun? what are you wearing? what are you driving? who are you with?... then really focus on the feeling this gives you feel freedom? inner peace? light as a feather? happiness and joy? lock those feelings into your heartspace NOW... then let go of the details, let go of the 'how's', for you are not in control of how your dreams unfold, but instead, how you take action along the way, and how well you can practice living from that space in your heart.

It is when you hold space for those feelings that you tap into your co-creative powers, for your feelings carry an energy vibration, and each energy vibration is a message, a form of communication with Source, Universe, God (whatever you call your higher power) about that which you want to experience in life. And as the Law of Attraction works, the Universe will then deliver to you, the people, places and things that are a vibrational match to each of your energetic vibrations.

And remember, it may not always arrive exactly as you envisioned, so remain open to the possibility that it is leading you towards what you want to experience in the most prosperous way for you at the moment.

Ask a question, or share your experience with the 5 minute exercise below.

Did you know that each and every vibration you carry within your energy system creates your unique energy signature? Next week, we will start to take a look at energy systems and signatures, and how we can work with them to co-create our dreams & desires.

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