New Moon In Pisces 2019

Guidance Moon Energy

The new moon in Pisces is all about new beginnings, spiritual awareness & creative exploration. Pisces is about embracing our emotions and using the gifts of Pisces energy during the new moon to navigate through our emotional energy body to clear out the dust & debris to make room for growth & expansion.

January & February brought some serious challenges our way, asking us to dive deeply into ourselves so as to uncover the toxins that were lurking in the soil of our garden. But those denser energies of the underbelly have already started to dissipate as the new moon energy began to penetrate the collective nearing the end of last week. It is time to shift my sweet souls. And this is one of the many reasons why I love the new moon. For it is in our darkest moments, that we are closest to the light. In the dark of the new moon, we have access to the highest frequency of transformational energy, source energy, the light of the divine...we just need to remember that...and then we need to make the choice to shift. So if there is still something, someone or somewhere that is creating dis-ease, dis-comfort or just plain old ick, now is the perfect time to set it free in the light of transformation.

Here is a simple new moon ritual to celebrate this paradox of darkness, and use the gift of Pisces energy to assist in this time of new beginnings.

1. Grab a journal or some paper and a pen.
2. Create a quiet space for yourself where you will not be disturbed.
3. Light some incense, smudge or a candle. Put on some relaxing music. Create your sacred space of self honouring and exploration.
4. Begin by asking yourself and journaling: "What is bothering me the most right now?" "What is calling my attention or taking up too much of my physical, mental, emotional or spiritual space?" (Frustration with lack, Relationships with Family, Dishonouring our bodies, etc.)
5. Then ask yourself and journal: "What is underneath this issue?" (Does it relate to my self worth? Maybe another relationship - parent, friend, spouse...? Am I afraid or worried about the future? Do I feel uncertain or unstable?)
6. "What am I gaining by staying in or repeating this pattern of discomfort and suffering?" (By not loving my body, I have an excuse to eat junk food. By avoiding having to talk to my husband, I have an excuse to get more work done.)
7. "Who could I be if I wasn't struggling with this issue? What would I look like? Sound like? What would I be doing now?"
8. Now imagine yourself living without the issue. (Although it can, this does not always mean that the issue is the something, someone or somewhere...we are wanting to work with the underbelly of discomfort brought to the surface in step 5.) "Would you be doing something different? Would you be making different choices for yourself? How would you feel - calmer, healthier, happier?"
9. Now ask yourself: "What is one step I am going to focus on this cycle to get me closer to being that person?"

Now sit and meditate on what you just wrote. Write your 'one step' on a separate piece of paper and come back to it next month to see what has shifted.

At this point, you may choose to burn the writings in ritual to signify that you are ready to release the unserving issues and welcome in the positive energies of change and transition to free you from the heaviness of unnecessary stress - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Happy New Moon Sweet Souls! xoxo Kerry

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