New Moon in Aries 2019

Moon Energy

The New Moon in Pisces last month showed us the mountain, the New Moon in Aries this month, is asking us to start the climb.

Whatever box you have placed yourself in, the new moon in Aries will no longer allow you to be confined by the walls of those limitations. This bold and determined energy is ready for something new, a change in scenery, a new palette from which to paint your expression.

If you have been contemplating a change, now is the time to take action, as Aries rides the energetic waves of the new moon and new beginnings.

But stay aware...Aries energy can also bring stubbornness, jealousy and the need to prove ourselves, so we must use discernment in taking action and making choices for change. Choosing without measure, judgment or comparison, and instead focusing on what it is we want to experience on our own path, and not minding the path of others.

We are also invited to embrace the energetic gift of endurance that Aries energy brings us, and overcome our adversities. It is time for the bold moves, the strong steps...not with force but with confidence. Shift into a higher gear, elevate into a higher level...perseverance looks good on you!

If you see a mountain before you climb it. If a boulder appears, move it. With this resilient empowerment that you have embraced, you may find that others will feel threatened by your confidence and innovative actions, and may even make attempt to set you off course. If this occurs, be flexible with your path. Not always is the answer to take these challenges head on, but rather to come to an understanding that these challenges are in many cases, a Divine detour. An opportunity to see things we may not have have seen otherwise, and a great practice to bring in the balancing Yin energy to the Yang energy of the Aries ruling warrior planet of Mars.

Here are a few ways to bathe in the Aries New Moon vibes:

Get Creative! Write down all your ideas...without innovative, extravagant and excited to get outside of the box. Dream Big - without attachment to outcome, yet still believing, still KNOWING that anything is possible! Big dreams communicate to the universe that we are ready, and open to receive. And this often leads to multiple opportunities in our present moment. Be ready!

Earthing. Barefoot in the dirt. Soak up the anchoring energy of Gaia while giving gratitude for all that you are. With such high creative juices flowing throughout your being, you will want to ground that into the physical, so what you manifest in those big dreams (5D) can be actualized (3D).

Shed, shed, shed. If shadow comes up in the darkness of this new moon, acknowledge, accept the process, allow the release, and remember...there would not be darkness without the light, and you my sweet souls are always luminous - even in shadow.

Drop me a comment. I would love to know what you are up to this new moon cycle.

Loads of Love, Kerry xoxo

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  • Claudia on

    Thank you.❤ Inspiring message here and guidance. Releasing what no longer serves my growth joy and peace and also contemplate meditate pray and be grateful for life. Big loving hug. New Moon awesome vibes my dear

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