Mastering Manifestation

Guidance Manifestation

As a Soul Worker and Empowerment Coach, I have consistently experienced and witnessed the manifestation of intentions when weaving some of these guiding lights into our 'goal setting' practices. Please take what resonates and leave behind what doesn't.

1. We must remember that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions, etc. The energy we transmit outward from these things is how we communicate with the Universe, and how we co-create our reality. 

2. Visualize what your life would look like when you acheive this goal - what are you doing, where are you living, are you driving a new car, going on vacations? What does your environment smell like, taste like, physically feel like? What else are you doing or working towards now that this goal is being lived? 

3. Now, really step into how you FEEL when you are living this goal. Do you feel freedom, joy, peace? And why? Is it helping your family, bringing in more income, fulfilling your souls call? - This is one of the most powerful tools of intention setting and manifestation....the power of your feelings. Embrace the feelings and let it light up your whole body. 

4. Weave that feeling into your actions - and remember that action can include a 'pause' observance of what is happening in both your internal and external environment. Use the power of that feeling as a guide post to help you stay on track with your goals. 

5. Don't focus or stress about the "how's". Much of what arrives to us is all divinely timed and ordered. The attachment to 'how' can sometimes take us off track and we will miss surprising opportunities & paths that will lead us to our dreams and visions. This does not mean you don't have a plan, it just means we need to be open to arriving to our dreams in ways we may not have planned. 

6. Let go of the attachment to outcome. It's about the journey, not the destination. By releasing our need to control how things turn out, we are practicing trust in the Universe. And the truth is, it is the FEELING and EXPERIENCES of what our visions and dreams will bring us that we REALLY want, not necessarily the details of what that is. 

7. And remember to celebrate yourself as you work towards your dreams and visions. Every little step is a celebration, as is the trips...there's always a reason. Gratitude is a high frequency and vibration...and when we stay in that energy of gratitude, we open ourselves up to receive what we are intending....and self-love is a practice of gratitude, so don't forget to rest, eat well and stay hydrated. 

Wishing you all the best in 2019!

Kerry Lee Weiland is a Soul Worker & Empowerment Coach at Illuminate Healing & Holistics. Kerry offers spiritual card readings, chakra healing, and soul sessions that will guide you into discovering your alchemic blueprint, allowing you to break free from any blocks and barriers that may be creating imbalance in your experiences and on your journey.

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