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Free will is the power to make a choice. Self Discipline is the power to choose from love. - Kerry Weiland

It's a New Year, and your'e on a mission. You have your intentions set, your affirmations written out and your yoga mat in the car. This year, you are going to make spirituality a lifestyle by making all the shifts and changes you need to be the best you, you can be.

But what happens when you miss a few yoga classes because your boss increased your workload or the intention you set to meet the one Mr. Right seems to be attracting a whole lotta Mr. Wrongs? What happens when the promotion you thought you were going to get ends up going to another colleague?

Remember – How you treat yourself, is how the Universe will treat you.

You are obviously going to respond or react with a thought, a belief, a behaviour or an action – and it is usually automatic – one that is programmed within our minds to run when things go... well... not according to our plan. And that automatic response tends to get set on repeat for days, months and even years, playing itself out whenever similar situations arise.

We have forgotten that we have a choice in how we handle the situation. And our choice starts with the very first thought we have, or the very first action we take towards the situation. The truth is, we are constantly making choices, but we are just not aware enough to realize it.

Just by becoming aware and remembering that we have a choice in every moment of every day is a powerful first step in taking back control of what we want to manifest and experience in life, but it is how we make that choice that really packs an energetic punch.

So, how do we make our choices? At times it may seem as though you have hundreds of choices in front of you and at others there may only be a few. But the reality is, there are really only two choices – we can choose from a place of love or we can choose from a place of fear.

Unfortunately, many of us unconsciously choose from fear. We make a choice based on an emotion – anger, jealousy, unworthiness, or based on a similar experience we have hung onto from the past or a worry that we have assumed about the future. It's time to start making conscious choices. 

It's time to harness the power of choice and start choosing from a place of love. 

Here are three guiding lights that can help shift you into choosing from love.

  1. Practice present moment awareness – let go of the past and accept whatever is coming in the future. Doing this will literally not allow you to make choices from fear. Think of one thing you would like to do, but fear is holding you back. Where is this fear coming from? A past experience? A future worry? Fear cannot exist in the present moment.

  2. Trust that we all have access to unlimited resources – abundance will not run out. Opportunities will never stop showing up. When we realize that the Universe is within every cell of our existence and that we are all connected through the energy web of collective consciousness, we will release the need to compare, to be right, to compete and to win. We stop thinking in terms of lack and start shifting into a trust and a belief that unlimited abundance is always here, always now.  We will see that everything we need to experience our dreams and our passions is but a vibration away and that vibration can be matched when making choices from love.

  3. Recognize that our journey is about growing, not perfecting - When you slip or fall, GET BACK UP. Getting back up is a practice of self love, and self love is a message to the Universe that we are worthy and deserving of receiving whatever it is we want to experience. I love the Japanese proverb "Fall down 7 times, get up 8". It reminds us to keep returning to love and to see the fall as an opportunity to heal, to love ourselves more and to stand taller than before. In the eyes of the Universe, we are all already perfect.

Remember – How you treat yourself, is how the Universe will treat you. Every vibration you send out through your thoughts, your actions and your choices are an intention; a message to the Universe about what you want in return and the Universe is ALWAYS listening. 

Sending you loads of love and high vibin' energy! xoxo Kerry

This blog post is based on the higher insight Kerry receives from her spirit team and her own personal life experiences. Take what resonates and leave behind what doesn't. It is shared with the intention of being a guiding light on your journey. 

**EDIT** It is interesting to note that I wrote this 8 months ago, and that some of the words and linguistics no longer resonate with me now. Not to say that they are wrong, I have simply experienced something different now. So I wanted to share this because it is a testament to allowing ourselves to shift and change as we fall deeper into our own unique expression of truths. It's okay to believe one thing today, and another thing tomorrow. Our journey is really a continuous and incredible adventure of birth, growth, death & rebirth. Love & Blessings.

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